If you have a good number of followers/Subscribers on social media platform like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and any kind of forum which you update regularly, or you have a Website with a considerable amount of visitors and searching for a Partner/Sponsor, U7buy would love to have you join us;

1. You have less than 50K Subscribers/followers on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and etc, or you have a website

If you currently have less than 50,000 subs in the early growth phase on your social media platform, You can join in our Affiliate Program to get an exclusive promotion link and a banner to promote our site, then you will get high commmision from your sales.

Register an Affiliate Program account, we will contact you to offer link and banner by email. Here's the link of Affiliate Program: https://www.u7buy.com/affiliate.html

2. You have more than 50K Subscribers on Youtube

If you have more than 50K Subscribers on Youtube Channel, and you uploaded videos regularly, more than 15 videos a month and 10K+ views for each video.

Please feel free to contact us,we will offer you reasonable fixed monthly salary depends on the views of your videos.

Email: [email protected]

WhatsAPP: +86 13050581521