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FUT17 Attacking Techniques Q&A

time 2016-08-01 17:09

For every game player, winning is our same aim. In Fut17, we need good footballers, and make up our best team. In the mean time, we need to know some attacking techniques which could help us goal and win.
In few days ago, FUT17 game-play producer talked about attacking techniques in the new version. Here we show you some questions and answers that you should know, which would help you play beautiful when the new version is released this September.
First, I am glad to know that they added two driver shots in FUT 17 for fans to use. One is low shot. It is basic on a normal shot. At the beginning, you should power it up like you did for a normal shot; then press button a second time before making contact with the ball. Now you make a low shot! You should practice times and feel it. The other one is the low finesse shot. As Sam Rivera said" you press the RB/R1 shot modifier while pressing the shoot button a second time before making contact." If you did well, the ball would aimed towards the bottom corner of the goal which have a big chance to goal in.
Now, let's check out few more question and answer Sam Rivera told about this.
Q:What about headers, anything new there?
We’re now making it possible to direct your headers downwards, again meant to make it more difficult for the keeper to reach.
Q:How do you do that?
As with the driven shots, you press the corresponding button a second time to have your player push the ball downwards and not upwards. You can also do this same action on volleys, a second button press will give you the ability to keep your volleys lower.
Q:The through pass is a very effective mechanic in the game, anything new added there?
We now have it that you can place a through pass further into space by pressing RB/R1 + Y/Triangle. When performed in the right situation your attackers should have a better chance on goal.
Q:You mentioned driven finishing shots, do keepers have anything similar to get the ball back into play?
Yes, we’ve introduced two options for keepers. They can now do driven drop kicks or driven throws.
Q:Do you need to press the button a second time to do this?
No. This time, you hold the RB/R1 to do driven kicks or throws. RB/R1 + X/Square or B/Circle will have the keeper kick the ball with a lower but faster trajectory while RB/R1 + A/Cross will see the keeper throw the ball with a similar lower trajectory but with much more power. When done correctly this will result in more fast break counter-attacking opportunities.
Well, I don't know if this would help you or not yet, but I think it worth to try in FUT17. If we make more practice, it will improve our success rate. At last, if you need FUT17 coins and points for xbox one/ ps4, remember u7buy.com is your best choice!

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