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Neverwinter Leveling Guide

time 2016-11-12 14:05

Neverwinter is a game full of amazing wonder and mystery thrown all throughout. And whilst Neverwinter is quite amazing, a lot of people tend to look up Leveling guides in order to make their path to success shorter. And that’s what we are giving you today, a short and quick way to get to a higher level so you can stop being bullied on the server and maybe become the bully yourself. So strap in and get ready to become one of the best players within the world of Neverwinter thanks to this leveling guide we have prepared for you. Follow everything to the letter and maybe you can write articles like these one day. Please don’t take my job.

XP Bonuses and fast gain
There are a lot of things to cover here so we will just provide you with some quick tips here:

-Invoke the Gods, after level 11, in order to get a special boost and an XP boost as a cherry on top.

- Place Azure Enchantments everywhere you can in order to gain a 7.5% XP gain per enchantment

- Join a Guild in Neverwinter in order to get a special XP boon that is somewhere between 3-30% XP depending on the guild. 

- You can get garments at the Zen Market in order to see a fast XP gain of up to 20% per garment used.  

And there are many many more special XP boosts you can get which we can’t fit in here sadly.

What after this?
There are a lot of ways you can get extra XP in Neverwinter using guides such as this one but there are so many leveling tricks to cover that we can only list a few. And after taking all of the potential questing and event bonuses added to your XP on so many occasions, you can easily go from noob to slayer within a few days playing Neverwinter. So listen to this guide and get ready to become one of the highest level players in Neverwinter.

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