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STO Unknown Tips that Could Save You

time 2017-01-07 10:00

Well just like Kirk gave every single women he met the tip, so are we going to give the tip to you our faithful viewer… Wait…That turned out very bad I’m sorry. But if you want to meet me at the nearest dark alley. Moving on, STO is an excellent experience inside of an MMORPG and you would actually be surprised how tough some of those geeks you used to bully actually are. But to help fight them off, this article will give you some must know STO tips that will help you through the game. Now let’s set sail…Wrong game sorry. 


Tip : Use your Sensors. You know how in the Star Trek TV series and movies they're always using their shipboard sensors or tricorders to locate any nearby objective or anomaly? You can do the same thing in STO.

Tip: Autorun. Tired of holding down the "W" key while ambling down the halls of your local starbase?  Fortunately, STO, like any reputable MMO, has an auto run key. Press "R".

Tip: Pause Ground Combat. The ability to pause the action while on an away mission is something that is mentioned briefly in the tutorial, but not really explained very well. Basically, by pressing "P".

AND ALWAYS: Use transwarp to get back to base whenever you need to.

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Are you all set now?

With these tips by your side those geeks don’t event stand a chance at beating you. So take this that has been given to you and make sure to have a better STO experience. And try to steer clear of intergalactic swirlies… Those things are too much.  

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