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How to Organize a FUT Mobile Team With Tactics

time 2017-04-02 15:00

In FUT Mobile, Tactics refer to the chosen lineup when playing a match. Players are given three types of Tactics. Each category contains a variety of lineups so players can further customize their strategy and improve their game. FUT Mobile has three Tactics to choose from: attack, defense and balanced. Players are able to make a choice before starting a match or from the My Team menu. In total there are 48 possible lineups. There are 12 attack lineups, 24 balanced and 12 more for defense. Not all of them are available from the start. As players level up they will gain access to more lineups and eventually unlock them all. When starting a match, players will see a certain Tactic that is highlighted as recommended. New players can stick to the recommended Tactic until they get the hang of the game and get used to controlling players on the football field during matches. Veterans will most likely want to use a Tactic of their choosing. Tactics are important especially when playing against human users and competing in Attack mode seasons. 
Attack Tactics purpose is to advance into the offensive third towards the opponent's goal. Using one of the lineups from this Tactics option gives players more chances to score. The downside will be weaker defense. Those who want to use Attack Tactics when playing against FUT Mobile users should have a good understanding of the game and feel comfortable controlling their players with manual commands. 
Balanced Tactics are all about improving the midfield. Lineups in the Tactics category use a back four. This way both attack and defense are balanced. Balanced Tactics are recommended for intermediary players and they're good for practicing manual controls. 
Defense Tactics are used to stop the opponent team from scoring a goal. Lineups have five defenders so the chance of blocking the opponent is greater but, at the same time, it's also harder to score goals. This is a good tactic for new users that want to play it safe but also for those who don't want to lose too many fans in attack mode matches. Is this small guide useful for you? Let us know if you want more tips for playing FUT Mobile  and buying FUT Mobile Coins. We will post more articles for you in future and welcome to u7buy for cheap FUT Mobile Comfort Trade service.  

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