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Celebrate Holidays with FUT Mobile Seasonal Events

time 2017-04-28 15:00

FUT Mobile Football Freeze is an event that takes place during the last two weeks of December. The program celebrates Christmas and New Year. During the event, players have the chance to take part in special live events and to obtain special prizes. Master Anthony OVR 95 elite player card and other players with an OVR between 88 and 92 can be obtained. 
Lunar New Year FUT Mobile program honors the Chinese New Year. This event is hosted at the end of January. The celebration starts with an elite player card given for free to all participants and continues with live events that reward players with holiday themed items. While the celebration is active, players have the chance to earn seven holiday themed footballers whose OVR ranges from 89 to 94. The Lunar master elite player has 97 OVR. 
FUT Mobile Carniball celebrates the Carnival event from Rio de Janeiro. A party starter pack is acquired for free but players will have to complete live events and programs for more rewards such as masks, confetti tokens and event footballers with improved attributes. Throughout the event, all players get a free pack per day that contains themed items used to complete programs. 
Saint Patrick's Day lasts for an entire week for FUT Mobile players. During this event, special items such as Celtic knots and lucky four leaf clovers can be earned and used to improve selected players. This celebration introduces challenges that require involvement from the entire FUT Mobile community. Seven community challenges offer players the chance to obtain even more rewards. 
FUT Mobile Easter program has a one of a kind challenge. Besides Easter themed live events, tokens, plans and master players, users can obtain an extremely rare golden egg player. They must first acquire a golden egg token by completing Easter plans. Using this special item, they upgrade a player card to 99 OVR. The card will also have a custom look. Only 10 golden eggs are available. Don't miss these event if you want to get good players. In case you miss them, buy FUT Mobile Comfort Trade online will help you save time and money to get good player cards ingame. 

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