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Collect England Heroes Player Cards in FUT Mobile Before the Time Expires

time 2017-09-20 14:30

The latest addition to the FUT Mobile store includes themed packs. The England Heroes pack contains 12 gold or better players cards. Inside the pack, players can find an England Heroes player. This pack costs 1,000 FUT Mobile points. The currency is mostly acquired with real money but players can also get some just by playing the game. A bundle that contains ten England Heroes packs is also available. For this bundle, players will have to pay 10,000 FUT Mobile coins. Getting the bundle grants one themed player card. These players can be used in formations just like other players. They are valuable because of their high OVR and special abilities. England Heroes packs are available for a limited time only. Players can be bought and sold on the transfer market. Here are some of the cards included in this pack. 
Ashley Cole is a 94 OVR player. His stats are 93 pace, 67 shooting, 93 passing, 96 dribbling, 93 defending, and 92 physical. When he is put in a formation with other players from the England Heroes packs he will boost their dribbling by three. All other players who are in the same formation as Cole receive +2 to short passing. 
Jermain Defoe is a 96 OVR card. His stats are 94 pace, 98 shooting, 74 passing, 94 dribbling, 46 defending, and 79 physical. Defoe increases England Heroes players finishing by three and short passing for all other teammates by two. 
John Terry is another 96 OVR player. His stats are 75 pace, 62 shooting, 72 passing, 79 dribbling, 99 depending, and 96 physical. Just like the players before him, Terry comes with two bonuses: one for his England Heroes peers and the other for all players. He boosts England Heroes players marking by three and short passing by two for everyone. 
Wayne Rooney is a 99 OVR card. His stats are 92 pace, 102 shooting, 98 passing, 97 dribbling, 72 defending, and 105 physical. Rooney gives boosts to all players who are in the same formation as he is, not just to England Heroes players. He gives +3 for ball control and short passing to all players. 

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