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FUT Mobile - How to Get Started in Season 2

time 2017-11-18 14:22

Before starting the FUT Mobile app for the first time since the beginning of the new season, players must update to the latest version. If the app is on automatic updates then it has already updated but if not, players should update it manually. If players start the app without updating it first, they will be prompted to do so before continuing. 
Players are greeted by Cristiano Ronaldo who will be introducing new FUT Mobile features. He will give advice regarding game modes and will guide players throughout the tutorial. It's worth mentioning that players must complete some tutorials to gain access to all game modes. The first mode will be Campaign. Players will take part in nine training events. Events reward players with coins, XP, and stamina. 
The first tutorial event Learn to Shoot is easily completed after scoring five goals. The second one is called Learn to Pass. To complete this one, players need to successfully make four passes. This event is also labeled as easy. The third event combines what players have just learned. It's called Pass and Shoot. After completing this event, players receive a silver football player card as reward. Ronaldo then introduces players to their . They will learn how to edit the team by changing players. The goal is to improve the team's OVR. The fourth training drill is called Learn to Dribble. The virtual stick that controls footballers on the field is introduced in this event. The next training event teaches players how to make a tackle. It is called Learn to Defend. A bonus reward is obtained. The player training system is explained. Items like training tokens are used when training players. 
Through training, cards get an OVR and stats boost. The eight training event requires players to win a match. They can let auto-play handle things. The reward is Ronaldo OVR 80 card. Players can now proceed to customize their team. If you don't have time to do this and get these cards, buy them directly with FUT Mobile Coins in transfer market for your team. 

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