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FUT 18 How to Create the Unbeatable Goalkeeper (Part Two)

time 2018-04-11 10:19

We continue with this small guide to create the best goalkeeper of FUT 18. In the last edition we told you about reviewing the height and weight of the goalkeeper. Today we will talk about playing in a different position and improving the progress of the FUT 18 goalkeeper.
Play first in another position
The goal is the most complicated demarcation to defend in FUT 18. It requires an important level of practice, something that is only achieved through the accumulation of matches and exposure to certain situations during the course of matches. However, the most important thing in Club Pro is to accumulate experience as quickly as possible, since this way we will get points that will allow us to progress to our player.
For this reason, we advise you to start playing in another position. As a forward, extreme or offensive midfielder, you will gain experience much faster and you can improve your goalkeeper. Do not cut yourself when using this tactic, since you can change the demarcation of your Pro player at any time, keeping the experience points. We recommend that you do it enough to be able to raise your goalkeeper from average 88 onwards.
Improve the progress of your goalkeeper
Finally, you must invest the accumulated skill points in improving certain skills of your player. In the case of the goalkeeper and the needs of FUT 18 coins trade, the most important thing is going to be that you improve both speed and agility. We advise you this, so that your Pro is qualified to tackle the most dangerous situations to which the attackers will expose you. That is to say: far shots, hand to hand and shots at the exit of a corner.

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