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How to Make Cristiano Ronaldo's Bicycle Kick in FUT 18?

time 2018-04-20 11:39

It does not matter if you are a follower or not of Real Madrid, or that you like Cristiano Ronaldo or not, the goal that the Portuguese made against Juventus last Tuesday was applauded by the whole world. And now the one who can make that wonderful goal, it could be you, when you face your friends in FUT 18.
That's right, meet your usual friends and surprise them with the same acrobatics that went around the world. What you must do is follow the steps as indicated in the video, plus you have the facility that FUT 18 is a simulator that allows you to perform all kinds of moves.
How to make the bicycle kick in the game?
To make the play, you must work with the fut 18 player you want to do the goal, he must be alone in a position in front of the goal, then press the R1 button to dominate the ball and then keep the L2 button, and after this he intermittently presses the button R1 again.
Once you have done these steps, you should only place the left joystick in the downward direction to raise the ball once, the ball is in the highest part, and press square and the play will be executed.
But it's not the only way, because you can also do this stopped ball play. Once you execute the free throw or corner shot, try to give your finisher a space, press the L2 button and circle in a row. With this you can score, but there is a higher percentage of imprecision. More play skills will be offered by u7buy next week.

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