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FUT Mobile – How to Play the Retro Stars Event

time 2018-10-05 10:10

Retro Stars is an event that allows FUT Mobile players to get rewards they might have missed in the past. The event shares a similar structure with other events. It has two chapters where players unlock rewards based on how many event specific tokens they've obtained. 
The two chapters are called Arcade and Retro Offers. Arcade has 24 tasks to complete. There are two main ways to get rewards from this event. Players obtain throwback coins that are spent on Retro Stars packs available in the store. These packs contain fame and retro points. Hi-Score points are spent for rewards in the Arcade chapter. It's also possible to get fame points. Ten of these points can be easily acquired once every eight hours by watching a short ad. When players incorporate Retro Stars players in their team setup, they are rewarded with Hi-Score points. Two points are acquired even if they don't have such a player. For one player, three points are obtained. For two or more football players, users get four points. 
Various rewards are earned based on the number of accumulated Hi-Score points. Here are some of the rewards. For 10 points, players get 250 skill boosts. For 40 points, players get 500,000 FUT Mobile coins cheap. Icons players, elite and master rank up tokens, retro points, Player of the Month items, and Retro Stars players are among the rewards. The grand reward is unlocked at 1200 points. It's a Prime Icon item. The Retro Offers chapter has 16 activities. Players can take part in VS Attack games to acquire throwback points. There are several types of retro points. Each type corresponds to one of the past FUT Mobile events. For example, players can obtain retro La Liga Rival points that are used to get La Liga Rivals Retro Stars packs. There are also Freeze, Team of the Year, Carniball, End of Era, Lunar, Easter, Team of the Season, and VSA points. The premium Retro packs can be bought with money or FUT points. These packs contain fame, retro, and Hi-Score points but also training XP. 

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