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Which Team Has Won the Most Champions in FUT 19? And the Top Scorer?

time 2019-04-08 02:56

EA Sports has announced that FUT 19 welcomes new content to celebrate the arrival of the UEFA Champions League to the game in particular and football in general after the winter break.

They commemorate by making public some impressive numbers of the title as, for example, the fact that they have played more than 55 million matches only of their virtual UEFA Champions League, which have been played in more than 180 countries and that is in France where more matches of the tournament have been played, with 4.3 million. Spain is in eighth place in the world ranking with 2.5 million matches played.
What about the teams?
The group that has won the most Champions League in all the disputed FUT 19 matches so far is Juventus de Torino, with 5.2 million. They are followed by PSG and Real Madrid, with 3.8 million and 2.2 respectively. The top scorer? How could it be otherwise is a classic of the tournament: Cristiano Ronaldo with 5.4 million goals, followed by Neymar Jr. with 3.1 million goals.
If we talk about changes in the game, the most purely cosmetic part has to do with the fact that they have also designed a new cover with three of the most emblematic players of the tournament such as Dybala, De Bruyne and Neymar. But there are also new features for users who will notice directly in their gaming experience.
"Starting today, players who buy FUT 19 and those who have not played FUT (FUT) mode (including EA Access and Origin Access tests) will start their FUT squad with one of these players on assignment of 10 matches, "they comment in a press release. "They will also receive additional content from the FUT 19 UEFA Champions League, which includes 4 special UEFA Champions League kits and 5 UEFA Champions League players (up to 85 valuation)".
In addition, they have explained the details of the editions Champions and Ultimate on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC also offer additional content, including Jumbo Premium envelopes and cessions of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. for a certain number of matches in FUT, special editions of kits designed by artists of the FUT soundtrack and more, "they comment. Share your comment with us now and buy fut 19 coins safe from our site and start your matches!

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