FUT Mobile – Team of the Season Event 2019

time 2019-06-08 15:35

FUT Mobile is hosting an event called Team of the Season or TotS for short. It's a fun event that welcomes all, even low level players. It's a great chance to score some nice rewards and to level up a bit. TotS event is started from the Events screen. If you've played seasonal events before, you know that they usually have chapters. This event has five chapters: TOTS, Tournament, League, EPL, and Community.

TOTS is the first chapter. Here you will be able to take part in activities that reward the tokens needed to unlock rewards. There are three types of tokens: points, player shards, and energy. Points are obtained when completing three activities. You can get these points two times a day. They can be spent on FUT Mobile coins, training XP, and boosts. The player shards are also obtained from activities. These shards are then exchanged for players but they can also be transformed into points. Energy is obtained just like the other tokens. It is used in the other chapters. 
The Tournament chapter is the PvP part of the event. Players will match skills in VS Attack mode. They will earn Tournament Power which is spent on rewards. Make sure to have select players in your lineup and you will get bonus power from games. If you want to take part in the Tournament, you must have an 80+ OVR active lineup. Power is spent on coins, league shards, training XP, and other currency. The new currency is obtained to get players with 93 OVR, boosts, buying fut 19 coins, and training XP. 
Each week of the event comes with a new league. For example, when the active league is Bundesliga the name of the third chapter is also Bundesliga. Each league has certain players as rewards. These players are acquired with shards tokens. 
In the EPL chapter, you will play games and obtain player shards. There are players that can be obtained if you have enough shards. The last chapter is called Community and it is similar to the previous one. Team of the Season event last until June 30th. 

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