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FUT 22 – Superheroes on the Loose (Part 1)

time 2021-09-14 00:00

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With FUT 22 now just a few weeks away from launching all over the world, let’s take a look at the game’s new FUT promo player pack which is aptly called FUT Heroes!

Throughout history, football has already been graced with the presence of spectacular legends like Cafu and Marco Van Basten on the field.


In FUT 22, we can see that a new player card promo will be introduced into the game to celebrate some of football’s greatest yet underappreciated players in recent times too.


Classily called FUT Heroes, these magnificent ‘superheroes’ will be entering FUT 22 with profound in-game stats and incredibly high Chemistry levels for you to pair them up easily in Ultimate Team (UT).


Let’s take a look at some of the first few, shall we?


(ST) Mario Gomez ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 88


The former German international striker had been one of the most formidable goal-scorers in Bundesliga.


In fact, he may have been what Robert Lewandowski is to us now in 2021, during his prime years!


(ST) Tim Cahill ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 85


Tim Cahill is amongst a rare selection of Australian football players who managed to become well-known all over the world.


His exploits with Everton in the English Premier League are his most noteworthy career highlights, before enjoying his golden football years with other clubs around the globe.


(ST) Diego Milito ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 88


The Argentinian striker was feared in both Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A, especially during his time playing for Inter Milan.


Possessing a mean finishing attribute, he was always ready to pounce on any given opportunity around the box while also capable of brushing off defenders with ease.


(GK) Jorge Campos ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 87


Campos may not have made a name for himself in the major leagues of the modern game, but it is his international headlines that piqued the interests of fans all over the world.


Not afraid to come out of his box, the goalkeeper was an early rendition of how Sweeper Keepers function nowadays!


(ST) Fernando Morientes ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 89


The Spanish former international striker had been a trademark name for Real Madrid, playing alongside compatriot, Raul at times.


Although he had also played in the English Premier League and French Ligue 1, it is his time in La Liga that mostly endeared him to football fans until today.


There are a total of nineteen (19) FUT Heroes player cards for you to redeem in FUT 22, so tune in to Part 2 of this mini-series shortly afterwards!


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