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FUT 22: Future Promos in FUT 22

time 2022-04-06 11:46

Please remember to view U7BUY to buy FUT 22 coins on sale! The upcoming promo has been revealed by FUT Sheriff via its Twitter account, and the new event will be introduced as Fantasy FUT Player. Even currently we know little about this promo, groundbreaking card types are expected to debut in the campaign. There is no doubt that FUT will release new SBC cards and Objective players as well.

More FUT Promos Coming Soon

Surely there will be various promos take over FUT in 2022, so let’s discover the next one will arrive first. Here are our prediction for the upcoming in-game events:

Fantasy FUT Player, What If, and FUT Captains

It is possible for us to witness the return of What If promo in the near future, it is widely favored among the FUT player community because it introduced some great SBCs. Rumor has it that in-game event FUT Captains could arrive in early April as well,  the leaks and rumors may turn out to be a real fantasy.

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